Alberta Native Plant Council

Welcome to the Alberta Native Plant Council. The ANPC promotes knowledge and conservation of the native plants and vegetation of Alberta.

Alberta Exotic Plants Wiki

Click here for Posey’s Rogues: a gallery of exotic invasive and non-invasive plants of Alberta.

Volunteer Opportunities

The ANPC counts on the services of volunteers to make a difference. See a complete list of ANPC board positions here.

Native Plant Source List

Learn where you can buy native seeds and plants! (Excel spreadsheet.)

Alberta Digital Flora

Alberta Digital Flora

Special offer for ANPC members. For more information click here. Or, download an order form.

2010 Emerald Award Recipient of a 2010 Emerald Award!
The ANPC was recognized for its efforts in promoting knowledge of Alberta's native plants; conserving Alberta's native plant species and their habitats; and preserving plant species and habitat for the enjoyment of present and future generations.