Atriplex patula

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saltbush, orache

Atriplex patula L.
  • Moss, Flora of Alberta – possibly native, occasional
  • Global Invasive Species Database –
  • NatureServe Rank –
  • Haber, Upland –
  • Haber, Wetland –
  • CWF, Status & Invasive Range –
  • Alberta Revegetation Guidelines –
  • The Nature Conservancy –
  • CBCN –
  • AB Weed – No


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Edible: leaves and young stems can be cooked like spinach, seeds can be added to soups, hot cereals, or baked goods.

The taxonomy of this species is unclear. It is not included in the ANHIC March 2010 element list, but is said to occur in Alberta in by USDA Plants and eFloras FNA [2] ---see map [3]


Try Google Images: [4]


Szczawinski & Turner, Edible Garden Weeds of Canada, ISBN 0-88902-752-8

Map references

sample: Map data for T. ramosissima