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This Wiki is by no means comprehensive, complete, or authoritative. There may well be alien invasive plants in Alberta natural areas, that have not come to our attention. Other ecosystem-altering aliens may have escaped notice because they don't establish noticeable cover, because they spread slowly, or because their influence is otherwise not obvious. (If everything is connected to everything else, interactions between species could, hypothetically, be significantly disruptive without extensive cover or other obvious sign. Or, alien colonizers of disturbed ground might throw usual succesional pathways off-course, an effect that could take a long time to discover). If you know of successful invasions by unlisted alien species, have knowledge of the biology of any listed or unlisted species, or if you know of successful (or plausible but unsuccessful) control measures, or have other suggestions, please let us know. Invitations to contribute may be obtained by contacting Tony Blake by e-mail [1].