Pastinaca sativa

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Pastinaca sativa
  • ANPC Rank –
  • Moss, Flora of Alberta – Occasional
  • Global Invasive Species Database – No
  • NatureServe Rank – Low
  • Haber, Upland – No
  • Haber, Wetland – No
  • CWF, Status & Invasive Range – Low, BC
  • Alberta Revegetation Guidelines – No
  • The Nature Conservancy – Yes, w/ ESA
  • CBCN – No
  • AB Weed – No


Not reported as a problem in Alberta, but does occur here and is a problem in the US. Other plants in the same family appear quite similar.

[1] Link to Wikipedia, Pastinaca sativa - "...The parsnip is native to Eurasia. It has been used as a vegetable since antiquity and was cultivated by the Romans, although there is some confusion in the literature of the time between parsnips and carrots. It was used as a sweetener before the arrival in Europe of cane sugar. It was introduced into the United States in the nineteenth century..."

[2]Link to USDA Plants profile for Pastinaca sativa L., wild parsnip

[3]Link to Bugwood profile for Pastinaca_sativa - "...Found in open places along roadsides and in waste places throughout the northern United States and Canada, from British Columbia to California and Vermont south to Florida. It endures a wide range of edaphic conditions, usually dry to mesic soils, but occasionally will be found in wet meadows. Grows best on calcareous, alkaline soils..."

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