Sambucus racemosa

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Sambucus racemosa var. pubens
  • ANPC Rank –
  • Moss, Flora of Alberta – Circumpolar
  • Global Invasive Species Database – No
  • NatureServe Rank – Not listed
  • Haber, Upland – No
  • Haber, Wetland – No
  • CWF, Status & Invasive Range – No
  • Alberta Revegetation Guidelines – No
  • The Nature Conservancy – No
  • CBCN – No
  • AB Weed – No


Native and Exotic? We're not sure. Natureserve does not list this species, though it does list others as native to AB without corresponding synonyms in Moss, as well as species whose status is under review. An Elderberry, which we previously presumed was exotic, is widely planted as an ornamental and dominates the understory of Crow roosts in urban Aspen groves. It occurs more sporadically in many natural shrubberies, evidently spread by birds. Non-native subtaxa of S. racemosa are widely cultivated: ssp. kamtschatica, ssp. sibirica, and ssp. sieboldiana.

Sambrace 1.jpg
Briutton and Brown (1913)