Tragopogon dubius

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Tragopogon dubius
  • Moss, Flora of Alberta – Common
  • Global Invasive Species Database – No
  • NatureServe Rank – Medium
  • Haber, Upland – No
  • Haber, Wetland – No
  • CWF, Status & Invasive Range – No
  • Alberta Revegetation Guidelines – No
  • The Nature Conservancy – Yes
  • CBCN – No
  • AB Weed – No


Sporadic in grassland, flowerheads commonly eaten by Mule Deer. A sparse invader. The sap is a milky latex which can cause burns or allergic reactions.

Edible: roots of first year plants make an excellent cooked vegetable, with flavor like oysters, parsnips, or gobo. They can be garden-grown, in which case they should not be allowed to flower and go to seed!

Flowers, developing seedheads & mature seedhead
Tragdubi 2.jpg
Tragdubi la.jpg


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