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- On the species pages, I think it may be useful to add the dates of each reference, ie. Moss (1983), so you have the temporal context for that info. A reader may then naturally put more stock in something more recent.

I agree --- go for it.

- Also, I think it would be useful to include definitions of the various ranks in the "Legend of Species Ranks" link. That way it'd be quick to find out for example, what NatureServe's 'medium' rank means, rather than have to go navigate their site and try to find it.

Rather than define NS ranks on our pages, I'd rather see a link to their definition.

- Moss (Flora of AB) used the word 'rare' to be mean 'very uncommon', but the word 'rare' has very different general usage these days. Perhaps we could put the word in quotations or make a footnote to describe the intended meaning.

OK with me.

- References need to be added for Moss and for Vascular Plants of the Pacific NW to the references section.


Derek Johnson
  • Gus Yaki