Viola arvensis

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European field pansy

(also known as Field Violet)

Viola arvensis Murray


Viola tricolor L. var. arvensis (Murray) Boiss.


  • Moss, Flora of Alberta – Occasional (page 406)

  • [1] Global Invasive Species Database –

  • [2] NatureServe I-Rank – Not yet assessed

  • AB Weed Act status – ?

[3] Link to Wikipedia, Viola arvensis - "...native to Europe, western Asia, and North Africa, and it is known on other continents as an introduced species and a weed of disturbed and cultivated areas..."

[4] Link to USDA Plants, Profile and map for Viola arvensis, Murray, European field pansy

[5] Link to Violet, Field, Viola arvensis

[6] Link to Alberta Invasive Species Council Factsheet for European field pansy

field violet, Viola arvensis, Plant(s) (licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License.)